Get Paid for Successful Recommendations and Referrals

Like many businesses, we get much of our work from recommendations from satisfied customers.

We are more than happy to reward you if we obtain business as a result of your support – it is, after all, a very worthwhile form of advertising.

If you have a recommendation please complete the form below and confirm that you have spoken to them first – we are not fans of cold sales calls!

For a successful referral, we will pay you 10% net (that’s the price not including VAT) of any invoice we issue to the organisation you refer until we cease doing business with them.

For example, if we engage a customer you have referred in our top tier rental scheme (currently £70.00 per month) and also undertake some one-off graphic design and video work for which we charge a £1500 you will receive a monthly payment from us of £7.00 and a one off payment of £150.00.

All payments will be made after we have been paid by the customer until we cease doing business with that customer.

Please note that we only do business with UK customers.


Interested? Please complete the form below and we’ll take it from there.

Many thanks.