Fixed Price Web Design

Our fixed price for assembling your new website starts at is £500.00 + VAT plus a monthly hosting fee of £20.00 + VAT

Our hosting is in a world-class environment offering extremely fast response time, SSL encryption, daily backups, anti-hacking measures and includes a regular check by us to ensure that your core code is kept up-to-date and properly patched. This price includes IMAP/POP3 email addresses, forwarders and domain registration/re-registration if you want it.

Of course the fixed price is very much dependent on the size and complexity of your project and on how many of our add-on services you need. The more material you supply yourself the cheaper it will be.

However most of customers prefer our subscription model as illustrated below. Unless you want an add-on service there is no up-front outlay. Much more importantly though on anything but the lowest package updates to content are included. If you have opted for the fixed price service we will charge you for any future updates once the initial design has been implemented and signed off. This can end up costing you more in the end.

Subscription Pricing

While our pricing here shows the typical, and most popular packages available, we can tailor your package to suit your business, or simply use this as a start point, and add on additional services as, and when you need them. All of our prices are subject to VAT