Advanced Email Services and Support
Office 365, Exchange and IMAP/POP3 Mail Boxes

While our hosting includes basic email functionality it does have some limitations, so we also offer advanced Office365 and a hybrid Exchange/IMAP email services with the ability to mix and match Exchange and IMAP/POP3 mailboxes (which you can’t do with Office 365 which is Exchange only). These services can be added to either the Standard or Advanced Hosting packages or indeed to anything (we can just provide this as a stand alone service if you wish) as long as you or we have access to your domain name DNS settings.

All our email services are “managed”. We will set it all up for, import existing emails and provide ongoing support and advice leaving you to get on with running your business.

IMAP: Mail is stored on the server in can be accessed from any client (PC/Tablet/Phone) with changes made on one client being synchronised across all others. IMAP mailboxes only handle email. POP3 is an older email protocal which retains emails on your computer not on the server and therefore makes it easier to lose emails and more difficult to synchronise them. We can offier this but do not recommend it.

Exchange: Handles email in a similar way to IMAP but with the added benefit of being able to synchronise your contact list, calendar and notes.

You can mix and match our Exchange and IMAP mailboxes providing a potential cost saving across your organisation. This is generally known as a hybrid service.

Office 365: This is based on Exchange but as part of alarger “ecosystem” which includes all the Office apps such as (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Microsoft Teams and Onedrive for synchronised file storage.

You cannot mix and match Office 365 with our hybrid Exchange/IMAP service.

Webmail: All our services offer a webmail option to allow you to access your information using a web browser.

All the above services include advanced DNS settings to try to ensure that your domain is not blacklisted and that your email gets through. You can add as many forwarders as you need subject to fair usage.

Please note you cannot add any of these services to your existing email service – we have to take full control on your behalf. You can mix and match the Exchange and IMAP services (which is potentially attractive in terms of providing a less expensive solution for staff not requiring all the facilities of an Exchange mailbox) but you cannot mix Office 365 which is an “all or nothing” option.

Email Archiving – Email retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let us help you build a business compliance policy that scales to keep you covered. Your emails are backed up to two different data centres and can be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster. We can also bulk export emails into PST or EML format (additional one time fee of £10.00 per GB applies). Email archiving is switched on at domain level and applies to all mailboxes in that domain at a cost of £3.00 per month per mailbox.